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The Virtual Accountant system will be discontinued on 30th January 2021. For more information please contact us

Small Businesses

For small businesses we offer:
  • Sales invoicing
  • Purchases invoicing & expenses
  • Salary and income tax tracking
  • Receipts and payments
  • VAT and income tax reporting
  • Accountant login for shared view
  • Transaction archiving
  • Data export
  • SEPA compliant
  •
For small businesses, Virtual Accountant costs €250.00 per year!

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For accountants we offer:
  • Unlimited client management
  • Shared view of client transactions
  • Fully customisable Master Account Codes
  • Multiple VAT jurisdictions (e.g. IE, UK)
  • Adjusting journal entries at year end
  • Multi-user support
  • Profile page including contact information
  • Automatic 'white labelling'
  • SEPA compliant
  •
For accountants, Virtual Accountant is completely free of charge!