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About Us

Virtual Accountant is a business unit of Hook Head Software. For a number of years, Virtual Accountant was part of the IT Professional's portal at hookhead.com. We soon realised the potential of Virtual Accountant as a stand-alone product and as a result virtualaccountant.ie was born.

Checking Balance
Virtual Accountant is secure online accounting software designed specifically for contractors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Virtual Accountant allows the user to focus on high level operations (e.g. preparation of a sales invoice, addition of an expence etc.) while maintaining a set of accounts and a balance sheet in the background. Since the system is hosted online there is nothing to install and nothing to back up. The system is easy to use and clients can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Virtual Accountant is completely free of charge for accountants and starts from €250 per year for clients.

Virtual Accountant is based in Dublin. Please feel free to contact us if you require more information.