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"As a user of Virtual Accountant for the past two years, this is one of the best and easiest accounting systems I have worked on. Everything you need from the time you put in your information to getting VAT figures to trial balance is at your fingertips. I would have no problem recommending this system."

                     -- Susan Feery, Company Director, Gambet News, Offaly.

"I found Virtual Accountant to be very easy to use - I was able to create invoices immediately. When you're busy running a start-up, you need tools that make your life easier and Virtual Accountant certainly is easy to use. After four years, I'm still finding VA an invaluable tool"

                     -- Donna McCauley, IT Project Manager, Dublin.

"Virtual Accountant is a simple and secure cloud accounting solution. We find it great for sharing information across different operating systems and browsers. Technical Support is quick and efficient. I would recommend Virtual Accountant to anyone looking for a future proof solution to basic accounting needs."

                     -- Alex Fernie, Owner, Alex Fernie Audio, Galway.

"While Virtual Accountant is not as big a brand as some of the other accounting packages for small businesses, I think it is the best provider. The system is fairly easy to learn to use, and it follows a logical bookkeeping, accounting process. The system is also very secure and well protected. You can access the system from anywhere so small business owners can have their financial information available at their fingertips when they are traveling or working from home. If you make mistakes in entering transaction details or details on customers or suppliers, it notifies you right away. If there are any issues, the service team are always responsive and deal with the problems immediately. The price for the service is very competitive. It also has the facility for independent auditors and accountants to access the system (with the proper passwords) to assist clients in making adjusting entries, adapting payroll details, etc. I am surprised that more small businesses in Ireland are not using Virtual Accountant."

                     -- John Hamrock, Founder and Managing Director, Ancestor Network., Dublin.

"Working in a dental practice, accounts would not be my strong point. This is a roll I took on to further my responsibilities as an employee. I had fear running through me before I used Virtual Accountant for the first time, as it was all very new to me. However, it soon put a smile on my face as it was as straight forward as can be. Mistakes were made, but with the Virtual Accountant software, it was very easy to correct them, unlike other accounts software. It was also easy to view your different outgoings with the click of a button, which was a huge factor for us, as we like to see what we spend on consumables/stationery etc each month. Anytime I had difficulty, or if I had a question, I would just send an email to Virtual Accountant and they would get on to me straight away without fail. They were very helpful and accommodating. I have used several account packages but Virtual Accountant without a doubt is the easiest, most efficient and useful package I have come across, and it has a helpful and friendly team behind it. I would definitely recommend it."

                     -- Margaret Fitzpatrick, Practice Manager, Northern Cross Dental, Dublin.

"I have used Virtual Accountant for the past three years having switched from a major software company. I find Virtual Accountant does everything I need it to do and more, for a fraction of what I was paying previously. It is easy to use, and the customer support is excellent. If you have any issues just call or drop an email and the problem is fixed almost immediately. I would have no problem in recommending it to other users."

                     -- Charlene O'Shea, Finance Administrator, Cheap Hotels Ltd., Kildare.

"When running your own small business, there are many items to keep track of, which are required by law to keep the government happy. It's important not to let these details get in the way of delivering a great service to your customers, and for me, Virtual Accountant is an important piece of this puzzle. I can't imagine doing without it!"

                     -- Steve Crane, IT Consultant, Dublin.

"It was a difficult few months when, as a bookkeeper for my husband's company, I couldn't find a suitable accounting package, that could be tailored to the needs of a sole trader who provides logistical support outside the country. Some accounting solutions are complicated and unnecessarily heavy-weight for the needs of a small or medium sized company. When I found Virtual Accountant, I quickly realised that it gives me all necessary tools needed to prepare and keep on top of the accounts. My accountant can also login and check my transactions. Also, I can easily keep an eye on my bank account and track expenses, as well as filing PAYE/PRSI and VAT return figures. The Virtual Accountant team is very helpful and willing to advice at any time, even outside of working hours."

                     -- Svetlana Baranova, Lykus Security Solutions, Dublin.